Literature review of recruitment and selection process study

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Literature review of recruitment and selection process study

They are used in the selection of leader and in the determination of issue. This conception implies that voters are presented with alternatives that they can choose among a number of proposals designed to settle an issue of public concern.

Elections are central to the existence stability and development of democracy. Given the distortions received in Nigeria, it is important to understand what the word Election means.

The encyclopedia of social science defines election.

Literature review of recruitment and selection process study

The process of selecting the officers or representative of an organisation or from by the vote of its qualified members. Election could be defined in a technical sense as the process by which an office is assigned to a person by an act of voting needing the simultaneous expression of opinion by many people.

In a social sense Election is the process by which a person is liked to an office with due provision for the participation of the people meant to come under the officer is authority.

Literature review of recruitment and selection process study

Accordingly, it is observed that this social aspect of election give the idea of ruling a society with the consent of the ruled, which tantamount to democracy and differentiates it from appointment.

An election is meant to given the electorates the opportunity to decide who should rule them, and what the rulers polices and programmes should be. The commission decision meant the president the members of the house of Representative and that of the senate would come to power from the new breed political parties in It should be observed here that, it was the same faces and names that were once again entering the political area.

On December 28,the leaders of the Nigeria five new political parties issued a S. The leaders pledged that they leadership to the country but that also curb excesses in speech and behaviour by their party members. They would restrain their members from engaging in political thuggery and ensure that nothing was done to disturb the peace of the community or upset the Unity of the country.

Above all, they would accept the verdict of the electorate in the elections which they would help to make peaceful, Free and fair. The presidency was help out as the biggest price in the series of elections in Nigeria.

This was because the constitution was specific in providing that the president should be the head of state. The chief executive of the federal and also the commander-in-chief of the armed force.

By the nature of role, the president performs also the functions of the chief Diplomat the chief legislator and the chief Administrator.

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All these constituted an enormous power to be bestowed on a single individual, and no double cities have shouted at the possibility of the constitution inadvertently creating a dictator to run a democratic office.

And no wonder why the presidential election was fought with funny. Polled a total of 5, voted to beat out rightly his four opponent president Shahu Shagiri.

Government was topped in a caup atat on 31st December, by the then head of state and commander-in-chief of the Nigeria armed forces.Cult Groups in Nigerian Universities – Recruitment and Initiation Processes.

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Cult Groups in Nigerian Universities – According to Ornadaio ( 2), the very first manifestation of the confraternity tradition in Nigerian Campuses occurred in when Prof. Wole Soyinka and Six other students formed the Pirates confraternity at the .

recruitment and selection process, this study will identify any issues they may have, and this chapter is to review the literature on recruitment and selection- looking at the wastage or labour turnover organisations can typically expect, the job analysis or designs which may.

Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Third Annual Patient Recruitment & Site Selection Ensuring Study Start-Up Success with Patient-Centric Approaches to Patient Recruitment and Site Selection.

Literature Review: Recruitment and Selection Process Introduction: Nowadays, every organization necessitates personnel planning as one of the most vital activities.

Human Resource Planning is, by far, an essential ingredient for the success of any organization in the long run. Philip Tetlock, author of Superforecasting, got famous by studying first major experiment, the Expert Political Judgment experiment, is frequently cited as saying that top pundits’ predictions are no more accurate than a chimp throwing darts at a list of possibilities- although Tetlock takes great pains to confess to us that no chimps were .

There are four major sections in the review of literature. Section 1: Theoretical framework of Recruitment and Career Advancement.

Need of the Recruitment and Selection Process Dessler, () found in his study that the Recruitment and selection forms a core part Burton () in his study of recruitment and selection practices.

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