Cross selling in banking

A common technique for successful upsellers is becoming aware of a customer's background, budget and other budgets, allowing the upsellers to understand better what that particular purchaser values, or may come to value. Another way of upselling is creating fear over the durability of the purchase, particularly effective on expensive items such as electronics, where an extended warranty can offer peace of mind. Overlap with cross-selling and add-on sales[ edit ] It can be hard to divorce all three techniques from each other, given that the difference in each technique is minor. All techniques adopted and effectively practiced within firms are important strategies that are used for increasing revenues among current customers.

Cross selling in banking

What is 'Cross-Sell'

The general idea is that if a customer comes to the bank for one service, the ability to also meet other needs at some future point is established thanks to that pre-existing relationship.

When bank cross-selling is at its best, the bank has to exert less effort to sell those additional services, thanks to the established relationship with existing customers. Clients benefit because they can get what they need from a partner they already know and trust.

One of the most typical examples of bank cross-selling involves the decision by a client with a checking or savings account choosing to approach the bank for another financial service that is desirable. For example, rather than using dealer financing to buy a new car, the client may approach the bank about arranging a car loan.

Under the best of circumstances, the bank is able to accommodate the customer and offers a rate of interest that is superior to that of the dealer financing. The client benefits from securing the financing at a lower personal cost while the bank benefits by the additional business from that client.

Ad Other financial services may also be obtained as the result of bank cross-selling efforts.

Cross selling in banking

Ancillary services such as electronic funds transfers, letters of creditand a range of other options are also often extended to customers who already have a relationship with the bank.

In each scenario, the basis for the activity is the positive relationship that already exists between the client and the bank, and the willingness of both parties to broaden the scope of that relationship.

Bank cross-selling must be conducted in accordance with any trade and sales regulations that apply to the jurisdiction in which the bank resides.

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Complying with those regulations is to the benefit of both the client and the bank, since the rights and responsibilities of each party are clearly defined and the best interests of both parties are protected by those regulations.

In practical terms, this means that banks cannot use sales tactics to motivate consumers into using services that are not a good fit for their current financial circumstances, and banks are not obligated to extend certain services to customers who present an unacceptable amount of risk.CRMNEXT’s proprietary CRM software enables organizations to fastrack sales, enhance marketing activities and deliver supreme customer experience.

Customer Experience in Banking. I recently refinanced an existing mortgage on an investment property with my bank. Like most folks these days, I went to their website from my iPad, fill out an online application form, and received a pre-approval decision. Cross selling usually generates higher margins, uses less capital per dollar of sales, and enables longer and deeper customer relationships.

Such improvements boost the company’s price/earnings.

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Yet understanding how to cross sell banking products isn’t always straightforward. People in frontline or call center positions often struggle to spot opportunities or make a smooth transition from handling a transaction to a short, needs-based discussion that can lead to a referral or cross-sell.

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Cross selling in banking

Cross-selling is also more cost-effective than acquiring new business. BIS says that it costs 8 to 10 times more to acquire a new customer than to reach out to an existing one. Given the statistics, it’s surprising that many banks fail to focus retention efforts on a formalized cross-selling program.

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